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Podcast Rebellion 1.25: How underrated are Big & Rich?

Borkberry make the case for Big & Rich being a college football staple (and talk about Tunsil, of course).

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it has been a bit uncharacteristic at the Cup this week. One would think that due to the fact that it's early July, there would be a whole lot of nothing going on. Welp, that is not the case. Yeah, you have probably heard by now. With the aftermath of the Laremy Tunsil situation, the folks here at the Cup have been hard at work bringing y'all as up to the minute coverage as I have seen on the Internet. So tip your Red Cup writers and stay tuned.

Moving on, Podcast Rebellion touched on some really hard-hitting topics. So hard-hitting, we're probably going to squeeze one more episode in later this week because the smoking hot takes had our cups overflowing. With such topics on the forefront, tune in below to get your fix as football season is fast approaching. We are officially at the unofficial end of the off-season as Media Days are fast approaching.

  • Why would a man challenge a 6'6, 300-pound giant?
  • Is Germany good at anything anymore?
  • Do you watch college baseball?
  • What has Errol Robinson been eating this summer?
  • Who else hates Tyler Hansbrough?
  • Could Goldie Hawn coach in the SEC?

Listen in the Soundcloud widget below, on iTunes or on VSporto's Rebel Sports Radio app.