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All of the latest Laremy Tunsil arrest updates in one place

A fight between the Ole Miss star and his stepdad has touched off an increasingly convoluted saga. Stay up to date on the latest news right here.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This Laremy Tunsil arrest saga is going from weird to weirder. First, it was message board rumors about him beating up his stepdad, Lindsey Miller, last Thursday. Then came the statement by Hugh Freeze and quotes from an unnamed source claiming Tunsil was protecting his mother after Miller pushed her. Since then, we've had charges filed on both sides and both men book short stays in the Lafayette County Detention Center. In the latest plot twist, Miller alleged in the police report  that Tunsil was carousing with pro agents in the leadup to the fight.

So yea, a lot has happened in a short amount of time, and this thing isn't near over (a court date has been set for July 14). So to keep you up to date on the latest breaking news, we put together a handy Storify thread, which we've embedded right here on-site. As soon as updates happen, we'll be posting them here.