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Podcast Rebellion 1.22: If SEC football coaches were cars, what would they be?

Borkberry welcome in Juco All-American to discuss all things football, baseball, basketball, horse racing, recruiting and answer your questions.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Now, you could consider this the toughest time of the year or you could embrace the freedom and make the best of it. The good news is we are already passed the 100 day mark for college football to return and the bad news is and we are going to stick with that good news and keep things rolling.

On this week's episode of Podcast Rebellion, Borkberry discuss a plethora of topics that can pique anyone's interest. And not only do you get the regular prescribed dosage of Bork and Berry, you're also getting a bonus shot of some Juco All-American sizzling takes. J to the Double A stopped by to drop some filthy knowledge on all your domes about various topics ranging from LeBron James' legacy to the enthralling finish of American Pharoah's Triple Crown.

The fellas also touch on Stefan Moody's injury and what it means for the Rebels moving forward another NCAA Tournament run (Y'ALL NEED TO RESPECT THE JOB AK HAS DONE), the big crootin weekend in Oxford and what Shea Patterson has been up to during his busy summer. Last but certainly not least by any stretch of the imagination, we try to decipher your #redcupmailbag questions and answer them in a way that is sure to get y'all all bent outta shape in the comments.

But, before you do that, be sure to take a gander at our poll and select the answer that best fits your lifestyle and all that. Feel free to throw your own scorching takes in the comments to explain yourself or just to beef with someone. It's all well and good, no one get's their feelings hurt, right?

  • How will Tariqious Tisdale impact the Landshark defense?
  • Has anyone compared Michael Jordan to LeBron James yet? #groundbreaking
  • Is the Triple Crown designed to be impossible?
  • What can't Shea Patterson do?
  • Bret Bielema has to be a dump truck, right?
  • Did Les Miles put clock managment voodoo on Dan Mullen?

Listen in the Soundcloud widget below, on iTunes or on VSporto's Rebel Sports Radio app.