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Podcast Rebellion 1.24: How will South Carolina's flag controversy affect Mississippi?

Borkberry welcomes in Ghost and JUCO to discuss the Confederate flag controversy in the state of South Carolina and what it could mean for Ole Miss.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Here at the Cup, we consider ourselves to be pretty knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Ole Miss athletics and culture. But, this week, we decided to tackle something else before we get into anything involving sports competition. After the horrifying tragedy in Charleston, S.C., all the attention was soon on the Governor, Nikki Haley, and how the state was going to rally together to get through this despicable act. Well, it was soon focused on something else.

After deliberations with her closest constituents at the state capitol and a lot of pressure from others like the University of South Carolina Athletic Director Ray Tanner and even the President of the United States, Barack Obama, Governor Haley decided that the battle flag of the Confederacy needed to be removed from flying at the state capitol.

Now, I'm sure everyone already knew all that, but, we at the Cup figured that we should touch on this heavy and emotional topic and discuss how it makes us feel, what do we think about the decision and how does it possibly impact the state of Mississippi and even Ole Miss sports.

  • Could this cause a ripple effect to change other state flags?
  • Did the state of South Carolina get it right?
  • How does this make you feel about the state of Mississippi's flag?
  • Is Shea Patterson already better than Cam Newton?
  • When does the crootin domino effect start for Ole Miss? Will it ever?
  • Do you think that Les Miles knows how to call plays?
  • Have you ever "dirtied you pants"?

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