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Podcast Rebellion 1.23: Is Andy Kennedy hated more than LeBron James?

Borkberry welcome in Ghost to discuss Andy Kennedy haters, early signing period and their SEC Media Days wish list.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Well, another week has gone by and we're just a bit closer to college football. But, until then, we're going to continue to pump out the blue flame takes this off-season to get you through the day at work. This week, the infamous Ghost of Jay Cutler hops in the Red Cup Studios with Borkberry to discuss all kinds of things and answer some #redcupmailbag questions while we're at it.

After receiving a commitment over the weekend, Andy Kennedy still seems to have his haters in full effect despite his recent run to the second round of the NCAA Tournament despite your All-SEC point guard struggling all season to find any kind of consistency. The boys talk about the possibility of AK being detested more than LeBron James and why this is. Is it because of the angst that everyone had towards the Tad Pad? Or is it because he isn't winning 30 games and reeling in five-stars? If there's any time to pump the brakes, this is the time.

Along with this topic, the fellas take on the craaaazy topic of high school football student-athletes having an early signing period. The appeal of having this set up for kids who have their minds made up or are planning on enrolling early seems to be glaringly positive. Or is it? Dan Mullen seems to like this idea a lot. Can you blame him? It seems that he needs all the help he can get in crootin AMIRITE?!?!?!?!

Before clicking play on your cellular device, VSporto app or computer, be sure to make a selection on our poll below and feel free to discuss argue as much as possible in the comments

  • What kind of impact will new hoop commit Tyrek Coger have?
  • Can Ghost brew good beer?
  • How domesticated is Bork Bork?
  • Does the Beacon have the best burger in Oxford?
  • Who is on your SEC Media Days Dream Team?
  • What non-conference Power 5 opponent do you want to play?
  • Who would you want more: Dak Prescott or Nick Chubb?
  • What team did you play with on NCAA Football on Xbox/Playstation?

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