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Maryland Baseball Coach John Szefc Suspended For First Two Games

An ejection in the Big Ten Tournament means the Terps will be without their skipper when they face Ole Miss on Friday.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple reports, including one from PerfectGame's Kendall Rogers, Maryland Baseball Coach John Szefc has been suspended for the first two games of the regional, having been ejected from their most recent game in the Big Ten Tournament. That means the Terps will be without their skipper for Friday night's opener against Ole Miss.

He'll be replaced by the associate head coach, Jim Belanger.

Szefc was heard yelling something at the umpire about not making it personal. There's conjecture that he yelled obscenities as well, and while that's not confirmed, it's pretty obvious that it probably happened.

Will this make a difference for the Rebels' chances? Maybe. Probably not, since baseball managers don't generally have a profound impact on the game in comparison to football or basketball coaches, but it could throw the team off a bit. Ole Miss obviously hopes that they can get after Maryland's ace Mike Sharawyn (a really tough job). If they're able to rattle him, does the new coach wait just a little too long to pull him?

Ole Miss fans shouldn't make too much out of this suspension, but it can't hurt the Rebels' chances at winning the first game.