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Ole Miss baseball will host a super regional in Oxford if it wins in Los Angeles, per report

UC Santa Barbara, the host team of the regional paired with L.A., didn't submit a super regional bid. That means the Rebs could be back hosting in Oxford if they can get by UCLA.

Don't store your folding chairs and coolers away just yet -- baseball may yet return to Swayze this postseason. Richard Cross of Head to Head Radio has confirmed with the NCAA that if Ole Miss were to somehow make it past No. 1 overall seed UCLA in the Los Angeles regional, the Rebs would host a super regional in Oxford.

That's the result of some quirky scheduling by the regional that the Los Angeles regional is paired with. UC Santa Barbara is technically the host team, but they're playing 170 miles from campus in Lake Elsinore, Calif. at a minor league ballpark. That minor league team has a home game the weekend of super regionals, and UC Santa Barbara did not submit a bid to host the next round.

"So even if UC Santa Barbra were to win the regional that they are hosting," Cross said on the air, "Ole Miss winning as a two seed ... could host a super regional."

But what about USC, the two seed in Lake Elsinore? Would they not have a chance at out-bidding the Rebels if they were to win their own regional? Apparently not. For starters, Ole Miss would have just knocked off the top seed in the entire tournament. Then there's the fact that the Trojans' stadium seats just 2,500 compared to the 10,000-plus in Oxford -- which makes for a pretty easy decision.

Cross reports its a decision that's already been made.

"According to the NCAA, if Ole Miss wins the regional in Los Angeles, the Rebels will host a super regional..."

Now before you go booking your hotel room in Oxford, keep in mind that the odds of Ole Miss taking down the Bruins -- who are 25-6 at Jackie Robinson Stadium this season -- aren't exactly overwhelming.

But we're saying there's a chance.