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SEC Tournament 2015: Ole Miss eliminated by Alabama

The Diamondbearz offense couldn't stay hot against Bama's complete-game pitcher, Bramblett.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

On an early morning in Hoover, the Ole Miss baseball team looked to continue their hot streak against a Bama team that they took 2 of 3 from earlier in the season. While the Rebels had 9 hits on the day, Bama's starting pitcher Geoffrey Bramblett pitched a complete game beauty, only giving up 1 run, striking out 10 and walking zero. Ole Miss now heads back to Oxford after the 6-1 defeat. Weathersby looked fine on the mound but couldn't close out Bama when he really needed it. All six runs for Bama came while batting with two outs.

The Rebs looked to threaten in the 8th, leading off with two singles from Errol and Will Golsan. However, the heart of the line up then went 1-2-3 to pretty much abandon any chance for a comeback. Big beefers Sikes and Bortles went a combined 0-8 with all of Sikes' ABs ending with Ks.

One (and probably the only) highlight for the Rebs came in the 4th inning. Look for Kyle Watson tonight on SportsCenter after this beautiful #SCtop10 snag.

Sure you want to perform well in the SEC tournament and hope to win, but this result doesn't mean much for the team. Ole Miss was #2 seed going in with a slim-to-none chance of hosting if they were to dominate the SEC tournament. When asked how this loss would hurt Ole Miss's post season scenario, college baseball guru Kendall Rogers had this to say:

The Rebs will now head back to Oxford to rest up and prepare for Selection Sunday to find out where they will head for the NCAA tournament. Most talking heads are guessing anywhere from Tallahassee (FSU) to Fort Walton (TCU) to Los Angeles (USC). Here's hoping it's closer to the former and no where near the latter. See y'all in the post season!