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SEC Baseball Tournament 2015: Schedule, results, TV info and online streaming

Let's baseball, y'all.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The college baseball postseason is here! The SEC Tourney gets underway Tuesday morning (starting with our very own Rebels playing Alabama) and runs through the championship game on Sunday. So cancel your productivity plans at work and get ready to watch baseball all day, every day this week.

If you'll remember, the conference tourney underwent a minor shakeup three years ago when the league expanded. The first round is now single elimination, then turns into a double-elimination format after that. The top four seeds -- LSU, Vandy, A&M and Florida -- get auto byes into the second round on Wednesday. Sitting at home are Mississippi State (lol) and Georgia, who didn't make the tournament because they finished in the bottom two slots.

Every game will be aired on the SEC Network, with the exception of the championship, which is on ESPN2. You'll be able to live stream all of them at

You can check out the bracket over at SEC headquarters. Here's the schedule. We'll be updating this with scores throughout the week.


Game 1: Alabama 6, Ole Miss 1 (Ole Miss eliminated)
Game 2: Missouri 5, South Carolina 1 (South Carolina eliminated)
Game 3: Auburn 6, Kentucky 3 (Kentucky eliminated)
Game 4: Arkansas 2, Tennessee 1 (Tennessee eliminated)


Game 5: Texas A&M 4, Alabama 3
Game 6: Vanderbilt 7, Missouri 6 (10 innings)
Game 7: LSU 9, Auburn 8
Game 8: Arkansas 7, Florida 6


Game 9:  Alabama 4, Missouri 3 (Missouri eliminated)
Game 10: Florida 11, Auburn 2 (Auburn eliminated)
Game 11: Texas A&M 6, Vanderbilt 1
Game 12: LSU 10, Arkansas 5


Game 13: Vanderbilt 16, Alabama 1 (Alabama eliminated)
Game 14: Florida 10, Arkansas 0 (Arkansas eliminated)


Game 15: Vanderbilt 12, Texas A&M 3 (Texas A&M eliminated)
Game 16: Florida 2, LSU 1 (LSU eliminated)


Tha 'ship: Florida 7, Vanderbilt 3