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Miami PG Deandre Burnett is Transferring to Ole Miss

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who are sick of Ole Miss basketball relying on transfers to stay relevant, sorry 'bout that, bro.

Redshirt freshman Deandre Burnett is transferring from Miami to Ole Miss and will sit out a year with two years of eligibility remaining. Burnett was the #108 player in the country out of high school according to the 247Sports composite ranking. As a redshirt freshman at Miami this season, Burnett played 17.4 minutes per game, averaging seven points, two rebounds, and half an assist per game. The 6'2" point guard is obviously not a dime specialist, but I'll wait to pass judgement on that when he's actually asked to be the primary ball handler.

His best game against an opponent that mattered came against #24 Illinois in December. In that game, he scored 19 points on 16 shots and pulled down eight rebounds. Aside from that game and the one after it (when Burnett scored 21 against Green Bay), he doesn't look to be a volume shooter. Maybe that's a result of his limited time on the court, but he didn't have another game all season in which he had double digit shot attempts.

Burnett becomes eligible when Stefan Moody graduates, and while they're not the same player, that's convenient in terms of personnel. Judging by past history, there will be more roster shuffling this offseason. However, this appears to be a good-but-not-great pickup.