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NFL Draft 2015: Senquez Golson Drafted by Steelers in Round 2

Get paid!

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Senquez Golson declined a seven figure option to become a member of the Boston Red Sox out of high school in order to play football at Ole Miss. He abandoned baseball after a one-year stint on the roster as a freshman. A three-star cornerback recruit out of high school, that must have been a very difficult decision.

I wrote an article in January about how Golson's decision to play football looks like a smart one on many levels. Today, turning down all that money has proven to be the right choice. Golson got to the NFL, where he'll get paid millions of dollars to play the sport he loves. As I mentioned in the post, the chances of making it out of the minor leagues, particularly for someone as raw as Golson was out of high school are pretty low. As a second round draft choice in the NFL though, the chances of multiple contracts are pretty good, particularly for a corner with Golson's ball skill. Teams do what they can to acquire good cover corners.

Golson will do really well in Pittsburgh, where they have strong secondary coaches and place a tremendous emphasis on stopping the run, asking a lot of their corners in coverage. He's capable of starting as a nickel corner immediately before developing into an every down starter.

Golson Stats

Team: Steelers

Selection Number: 2-24

Contract projection: 3.7 million dollars