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Ole Misc.: Markell Pack got his front teeth knocked out; the winner of the Grove Bowl gets steaks

Which is a terrible combination of things for Mr. Pack.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Guess what? We get to watch real, live football this weekend (kind of)! The Grove Bowl is this Saturday, and unlike last year, it will be an actual scrimmage.

Injuries on the O-line kept the Rebs from fielding a full two teams in 2014, reducing the "bowl game" to a series of shitty drills. But with juuust enough of the big fellas healthy this week, Freeze is opting to split 'em up and give us a real show. (Speaking of which, we split 'em up ourselves: check out our Grove Bowl fantasy draft). It doesn't hurt that Freeze was likely feeling the pressure put on by the SEC Network, who's broadcasting the game this year and would rather not have to show two-hours worth of calisthenics.

Oh and this isn't just any old scrimmage: there are steaks on the line. Freeze said that the winning team gets a steak dinner, while the losers are stuck with hotdogs. Consequently, my money's on whatever team Big Lig's playing on. No way that dude's settling for some ballpark franks.

Markell Pack might be better off with hotdogs

Ain't this some shit:

Shea Patterson will be in town for the Grove Bowl

Per Chase Parham, the supercroot five-star quarterback will be on hand in Oxford this weekend, as will a handful of other prospects that I technically shouldn't list because it's behind a Rivals pay wall.

What I can show, however, is this god awful photoshop of Patterson and uncommitted targets Willie Allen and Devin White.

That is literally the worst edit.

Big Lig talks about his position change

This weekend will give us our first look at Jeremy Liggins' move from tight end to offensive tackle. Until then, we'll just have to take his word for it that the transition's "going pretty smooth."