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Podcast Rebellion 1.16: Is Scott Weathersby the Sunday savior?

Borkberry talk about the Weather Man's first career start, basketball recruiting and beyond.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

With all the pressure on Mike Bianco and the Diamondbearz to keep pace and win night in and night out, the Rebels did just that and then some. On Tuesday, Ole Miss disposed of a reeling Mississippi State team to the tune of 11-1 as Scott Weatherby first start went very well.

With the Sunday starter still a giant metaphorical thorn in the Rebel's side, Scott Weathersby put on a good show in his "audition" Tuesday night at Trustmark Park in Pearl, Miss. On this week's episode, the fellas talk about what this means for the weekend pitching rotation and how Weathersby could possibly improve the Rebels' chances of wrapping up an at-large bid. With Christian Trent and Brady Bramlett already cemented themselves as the aces of the staff on Friday and saturday respectively, Bianco can only hope that Weathersby is the answer to his prayers on the Sabbath.

Also, Borkberry talk about a few names to know for Ole Miss basketball recruiting as the spring signing period is alive and well and who could possibly round out Andy Kennedy's 2015 class. There are two transfer candidates who are wanting to visit Oxford, Miss., who are they? Finally, the bros talk about stars and do they really matter when recruiting student-athletes.

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