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A sincere apology to Mississippi State fans

We were wrong about Malik Newman, and for this we humbly repent.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, Mississippi State fan!

Last week, our site published an article in which we predicted highly-touted hoops recruit Malik Newman would not choose State over Kentucky, Kansas, LSU and Ole Miss -- a prediction that, given the trundle of rumors that Newman will indeed end up in Starkville, appears bound for inaccuracy. We went so far, in fact, as to rank Starkville as the least likely landing spot among those five (our blinding Ole Miss homerism strayed us into ranking the Rebels one spot above, at No. 4).

You, the observant and level-headed Mississippi State fan, were justifiably outraged by this.

Our failure to properly appraise the fickle whims of an 18-year-old is a regrettable miscalculation in and of itself, but it is our abandonment of our sizable State readership that is particularly concerning.

Red Cup Rebellion dot com was founded with the goal of being, to quote our masthead, a "source for quality Ole Miss Rebels news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective." But the unexpected backlash from our latest misstep has illuminated the fact that by catering only to fans of the Ole Miss Rebels, we have ignored a significant portion of our loyal readership. You, an active enthusiast of the People's University, are engrossed in the latest Ole Miss athletics news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores -- perhaps even more so than many Ole Miss fans! -- and naturally frequent our website.

It is also regrettable that we, as a blog site run by and for Ole Miss fans, failed to maintain the standards of objectivity and accuracy that major news outlets such as ourselves are held to (even on a rankings post, which some might refer to as "subjective").

Our staff is currently hard at work brainstorming new ways to better incorporate State-centric subject matter into our content plan, including weekly reviews of Starkville chain restaurants and a five-part series entitled "Why Dak is already better than Eli ever was."

Please accept our heartfelt apology and thank you for your continued support of Red Cup Rebellion dot com.

Jeff Gray
Managing editor/biased Sharkbear journalist