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Mississippi State literally hid the words 'F--k The School Up North' on their baseball uniform

No, like really. This actually happened. In real life.

In what might be the most Mississippi State thing to ever happen, the school has combined two of the hallmarks of its athletics programs: an unabashed little brother syndrome in regards to Ole Miss and horrendously shitty Adidas uniforms. As first noticed by Twitter sleuths, the Bulldogs' new baseball warmup top has a hidden message.

At first glance, this jersey is innocent enough: just some Dawgs out grindin' for Starkvegas.

But on closer examination...

If you're still unconvinced and think we've gone all Illumanti truther on you, consider that State's athletic director is even acknowleding the hidden message.

So my question is, did whoever come up with this bright plan really think no one would notice? Maybe y'all could have gotten away with this shit like five years ago, but Twitter is a thing now. You can't get anything past Twitter.