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Watch Colby Bortles' 9th-inning, game-tying grand slam against Vanderbilt

Ole Miss is losing 5-1 in the ninth and we're all just waiting for the game to end so we can go get drunk at the bar. And then Blake Bortles' little bro crushes a bases-loaded, 1-1 pitch over the left field wall to send the thing to extras. Thanks to a put-the-team-on-my-fucking-back, two-hit, 10-K, six-inning relief effort from Scott Weathersby and a clutch RBI double from Henri Lartigue, Ole Miss went on to beat the No. 2 Commodores, 6-5, in a 16-inning marathon.

Here it is set to appropriate music (unmute the Vine).

ho sit down 1
ho sit down 2
ho sit down 3