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Ole Miss spring game 2015: Online streaming, TV schedule and start time for the Grove Bowl

It's the second weekend of April and you know what that means: intra-squad football madness!

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It's springtime in Oxford and that distant rumbling you hear is the subterranean tectonics of American college football slowly churning to life after four months of happy, dormant hibernation. After last year's abortive Grove Bowl -- such as it was -- 2015's installment promises to offer live-action, full-speed, actual-contact football of the type that could cause season-ending injury before the season has even begun. Get excited, folks.

Saturday's Grove Bowl features the Ole Miss Rebel football squad facing off against hated rivals, the Ole Miss Rebel football squad. A newly cloned Hugh Freeze looks to makes a splash in his coaching debut as helmsman of the dangerous, if undersized, Red team.

Spring games are of course fun for fans, but boons to coaches. They offer the Nick Sabans and Les Mileses of the world an early look at your tape, so one wouldn't expect to much creativity in Freeze's play-calling. Just work through the process and avoid injury, really.

Perhaps most interesting of all will be how Chad Kelly's, um, firepower and knowledge of the playbook has developed in his short time in Oxford. Our own Zach Berry will be looking hard at the Rebs' offensive backfield, which Coach Freeze has been happy with this week.

How to watch

When: noon CT
Online: SECNetwork+ and WatchESPN Apps
TV: Some strangeness here. Since a number of programs are throwing themselves parties on Saturday, the SEC Network Alternate channel will drop in on Ole Miss, Cocky, Florida and Georgia while the game is live, but you won't be able to watch a full broadcast until it replays on the SEC Network at 5:30 p.m. CT on Sunday. So if you want to watch live, your best bet is to stream it online.