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SEC Tournament 2015: Bracket, TV schedule and scores

#SECBASKETBALLFEVER reaches its climax this week in Nashville.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the Tad Pad has seen its last roundball action (barring an NIT farewell tour) after Ole Miss dropped the regular season finale to Vanderbilt on Saturday. But, the SEC Tournament starts Wednesday in Nashville, so basketball will soon be back to give you plenty of heartburn and day drinking excursions.

If the Rebels had won against Vandy, they would be looking at a nice two-round bye before facing someone fighting for their conference tourney life. Instead, they face the winner of South Carolina-Missouri, then, if they pass that test, will take on 3-seed Georgia, who swept the Rebels this season in convincing fashion.

Enough with the bad news; the good news is that Ole Miss avoided Kentucky's side of the bracket. The only way Andy Kennedy and the fellas will meet Calipari and his real life version of the Monstars will be in the title game. With the way Ole Miss finished the season, you might think that's a tad bit silly, but crazier things have happened.

Regardless of the scenario, the Cup will be hot on the beat and keep you updated all the way until Championship Sunday. We'll be updating this post all week with the latest scores and schedule changes, so make sure to check back. Here's an interactive bracket via the SEC website complete with box scores, recaps and replays of each game.

Round 1


Game 1: No. 13 Auburn 74, No. 12 Mississippi State 68 (recap)

Game 2: No. 11 South Carolina 63, No 14 Missouri 54 (recap)

Round 2


Game 3: No. 8 Florida 69, No. 9 Alabama 61 (recap)

Game 4: No. 13 Auburn 66, No. 5 Texas A&M 59 (recap)

Game 5: No. 10 Tennessee 67, No. 7 Vanderbilt 61 (recap)

*Game 6: No. 11 South Carolina 60, No. 6 Ole Miss 58 (recap) ... sigh



Game 7: No. 1 Kentucky 64, No. 8 Florida 49 (recap)

Game 8: No. 13 Auburn 73, No. 4 LSU 70 (recap)

Game 9: No. 2 Arkansas 80, No. 10 Tennessee 72 (recap)

Game 10: No. 3 Georgia 74, No. 11 South Carolina 62 (recap)



Game 11: No. 1 Kentucky 91, No. 13 Auburn 67 (recap)

Game 12: No. 2 Arkansas 60, No. 3 Georgia 49 (recap)



Game 13: No. 1 Kentucky 78, No. 2 Arkansas 63 (recap)