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Ole Miss vs. Alabama basketball 2015 open thread

The Rebs REALLY need to win this thing.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We didn't have time to put together a preview, but Lohmar did touch on the gravity of tonight's game against Alabama (6 p.m. CT on SEC Network) in his bracketology update (read it!). It goes kind of like this: Ole Miss has dropped to a 9 or 10-seed after two losses last week and pretty much in must-win territory for the final two games. A loss to Bama would move the Rebs back towards the bubble and another defeat against Vandy could spell the end of the Big Dance dreams (SEC Tournament run excluded).

So here's my suggestion Andy Kennedy: for once in your whole damn career, take the drama out of this shit and finish the regular season strong. Two wins this week pretty much locks your team into the Tourney, so just go ahead and get it done. I'll buy you a shot at the Library, I promise.

Well, let's get to cussin and yellin, y'all.