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Ole Miss spring practice 2015: The QBs literally drew straws


Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into spring practice, the biggest question mark surrounding the Ole Miss football team is undoubtedly the quarterback position. Incoming transfer and reigning JUCO national champion Chad "$wag" Kelly and resident backups DeVante "Switchblade" Kincade and Ryan "Fratcannon" Buchanan will all be competing to take over Dr. Bo's title as starting quarterback.

At Tuesday's press conference, Hugh Freeze addressed the quarterback position first by saying that there will probably not be a favorite after practices are concluded but if there is, he will not hesitate to name a starter. When asked who will take the reps with the No. 1 offense, Freeze came up with a rather unique way to make the decision: the three QBs drew straws. No, seriously.

For what it's worth, Buchanan won the straw-drawing contest, so chalk up a win for Ryan, I guess. Now it's a matter of Kelly and Kincade fighting over who has to bring the juice boxes and the orange slices. Nothing says spring practice quite like the head coach trollin everyone.

Here's some more news from the presser.

C.J. Johnson will get a look at MLB

After receiving his undergraduate, masters and doctorate degrees and breaking ground on his own university so he can continue to get more degrees, Deterrian Shackelford finally ran out of eligibility. But, Freeze and co-defensive coordinator Dave Wommack already have some ideas in mind to replace the two-time Chucky Mullins Award recipient.

Freeze mentioned that they will try Johnson at MIKE linebacker and see how he looks in live drills. For those of you that may not remember, Johnson came out of the high school ranks rated by Rivals as the No. 2 inside linebacker in the 2011 class. We all know how quick he is off the edge at defensive end so it seems like a no-brainer that he would be able to transition into a linebacker.

The coaches are counting on C.J. to be a leader at the second level and help with the development of returning backers Christian RussellTemario Strong and JUCO newcomer Terry Caldwell. If anyone can do it, the most hated man on Twitter by the CLANGA faithful can.

Megaquon and Tunsil continue the road to recovery

The injury bug was more of an injury apocalypse in the 2014 season. We all know about Laquon Treadwell's gruesome leg injury in the heartbreaking loss against the Auburn Prayer Circles and Laremy Tunsil's broken leg in the Peach Bowl was just the garbage-flavored icing on top of the shit cake.

But, hooray for good news! We've seen Treadwell's progress documented on social media and Freeze mentioned that Tunsil has been getting stronger while sporting a walking boot. The head coach said that Laquon has been well ahead of his rehab timeline, but will not push him back too soon, mainly because he's a monster and we all know that the WR1 slot will not be touched by anyone else. Tunsil has been slowed by some damage around a joint but he's getting better with each passing day.

As I think we all expected, Tunsil will not be participating anytime soon, as his LT1 position is also on lockdown. As for Treadwell, Freeze mentioned in the press conference that he will begin to give it a go after spring break. If anything, this isn't the worst thing as the absence by each will serve as more reps for others in their respective position groups. Ole Miss is welcoming Washington transfer Damore'ea Stringfellow to campaign for Oxford to be the headquarters of WRU and let's be real, the offensive line needs all the work they can get.

Mike Hilton starts practice at safety

Pour one out for the departed mainstays Cody Prewitt and Senquez Golson as they are heading for the football that gets you paid. But co-defensive coordinator Jason Jones is making sure that Ole Miss fans can rest easy as he welcomes the top two JUCO cornerbacks in Tony Bridges and Tee Shepard.

Having them on board at corner frees up Mike "I AM EVERYWHERE" Hilton to begin practice at the safety position. This should be a seamless transition for him due to his knowledge of the defense and the fact that he spent some time there last season in nickel packages and during Trae Elston's first-half suspension during the Texas A&M game. Hilton should help to ease the blow of losing Prewitt to the NFL after an All-American career in  Oxford.


$wag Kelly will be visiting Haiti with Coach Freeze and other members of the football team to provide a helping hand to the village of Camp Marie. Last year the team worked diligently to widen a gravel road to enable trucks to travel in and out of the village in order to enrich the fruits of their labor, literally and figuratively. The village's No. 1 money maker is the papaya fruit.

That means no foam parties or 2 a.m. runs to the Green Frog for $wag. See, y'all, he's already changing for the better! In all seriousness, whether he was forced or wanted to go, this is huge news for Rebel fans because Kelly will be experiencing something that is incredibly humbling in terms of life for others outside the comforts of the United States. But, mainly it's big news because he will have to try really hard to get arrested there.