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Introducing the Podcast Rebellion mailbag

This is sure to escalate quickly.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Who's got questions? You do? I'm sure you do. Well, here at the Cup, we like to think we have the answers. Sometimes. Mostly just clever banter and puns, but we get stuff right sometimes, right?

So this is your chance, anything and everything is fair game (keep it clean, this here is a classy establishment). These questions could range anywhere from super serious basketball, spring football or baseball questions, to anything unrelated to Ole Miss questions. This is your unique opportunity to get to know the hosts of Podcast Rebellion and ask them the hard-hitting questions about beer, food, film, etc., the possibilities are endless.

So if y'all would be so kind and take some time out of your busy day at your resident workplaces and drop a compelling question in the Cup's mailbag, myself and Mr. Borkey would very much appreciate it. You can also send your inquiries to @RedCupRebellion on Twitter by using the hashtag "#redcupmailbag."

Lastly, if you're still drawing a blank, here are some examples of some deep, thought-provoking questions you might send our way:

  • Why was Sebastian Saiz not in the "Uptown Funk" music video?
  • Where is the Mask in Left Field now?
  • What does Jim REALLY do in South Carolina?
  • Who are the best and worst Ole Miss quarterbacks in the last 20 years?
  • Is there a better way television show right now than House of Cards?

See, the questions can be anything! Now, rack those brains and come up with something clever. We will each pick our favorite ones and answer them to the best of our abilities on the next episode of Podcast Rebellion.