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Grillin' & Chillin': Ole Miss walks off against UAPB while we eat chicken wings

Sure, Ole Miss almost lost to the UAPB Golden Lions... but wait... THEY DIDN'T!

If you don't live in Oxford, you've missed the most beautiful weather since THE GREAT ICE-AGEDDON OF 2015. However, with a threat of impending rain coming in during the evening, this week's midweek game was moved up to 3 p.m. in order to keep the Rebs playing in sunlight (I think Mike Bianco is in on the whole "power in sunlight" thing I pitched last week). As the clouds rolled into Oxford, the last beams of sunlight shined upon the Rebs in the bottom of the ninth. Down 6-4, the Rebs banged out four hits and scored three runs to win 7-6 in walk-off fashion.

Swayze Swag levels:


Tate Blackman: I'll admit it. My frustrations with Tate have been super high the last couple games. Earlier in the season, Tate was struggling at the plate as well as the field. Bianco even went as far as to pull Tate for Will Golsan at 2B . However, Tate has come back blazing and faith has been restored. Wednesday, Tate went 3-5 with three RBIs including the game winning walk off hit. After his game winning hit, Tate was mobbed and sprayed with water bottles from his dugout team mates. Tate is now batting .250ish and seems to be pushing past the preseason hype train pressure. Keep it up Tate. #bestiesfortheresties

Freshman class: Including Tate, the other Rebel frosh, Kyle Watson and Will Golsan, went for a combined 7-15 with five RBIs against UAPB. The Rebel line-up really needs some consistency and its nice to see our frosh starting to come into their own.


Rebel record: After Wednesday's victory, the Rebs stay just above a .500 record at 11-9. Even if the Gators take the series but the Rebs salvage one, we stay above .500 at 12-11. However, let's just go ahead and sweep those jort wearing, gator-humping sonuvabitches and get to 14-9.


Ole Miss fielding %: The Rebels had three fielding errors in yesterday's game. This kind of play just won't cut it against the #1 ranked Florida this weekend. During the post game meeting, Keith Kessinger (radio color commentator) mentioned how irritable Bianco was with the team despite the win. Sure walk-off wins are exciting and a W is a W, but sloppy play and cold bats won't leave any room for a come back win in the majority of conference play.

#sundaysizzle: After only managing one out in the Sunday game against LSU (ERROR 404: FILE NOT FOUND), it seems that the #sundaysizzle has officially burnt down to dying embers. Sam came in for relief in the sixth inning after frosh pitcher John Wesley Ray couldn't get an out. Sam pitched 2.1 innings, allowing only one hit. Who will the next Sunday starter be? Should be a fun mystery.


Yay for grilling meat on the left field grill! The suits at the CEO executive board of Red Cup Rebellion Incorporated told me that the previous recipes I've posted are a bit "too complicated" and don't reach out to the page clicks of the everyday man's "waste time at the office PC". Ok well time to fix that right up. Not much to this recipe:

  • chicken wings
  • chicken wings sauce, bottled and store-bought

Sure, it might be cheating to include a store-bought recipe as a CRUCIAL part to your own recipe, but consider me Barry Bonds. Toss those wings onto a charcoal lit grill for about 15 minutes per side, then toss them in whatever pre-made sauce tastes delicious to you. I tried making my own buffalo wing sauce but damn, that's a waste of butter and time. Just buy the bottled sauce and hand-spin those wings yourself. If you care to prove me wrong, please tell me in the comments.

The other grilled item? Kroger's pre-marinated beef skewers, 10 for $10. Support your semi-local grocery chain!

Get crunk and turnt for this weekend's match up against the #1 ranked Florida Gators. Beat Xavier! See y'all at Swayze!