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That time Marshall Henderson hit a BYU player

This oughta spice the Ole Miss-BYU play-in game up a bit.

It's usually pretty difficult to drum up any type of animosity between NCAA Tournament opponents, seeing as they typically never play each other. But don't worry, there's actually some legit bulletin board material for Tuesday's play-in game in Dayton, thanks to a certain Marshall Henderson.

Before Hendo led the Rebels to the Big Dance in 2013, he became universally hated by BYU fans while playing for Utah. In 2010, his first season of college hoops, Marshall drew a one-game suspension for hitting a BYU player in the face.

He ended up transferring out of Utah to Texas Tech, only to transfer again before ever seeing the floor for the Red Raiders. Marshall spent one year at community college before heading to Oxford.

In fairness, we'll note that he's cleaned up his act since leaving Ole Miss. He's currently playing pro ball in Iraq, where he's seemingly become a changed man and is hoping for a shot at the NBA.