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The Ole Miss vs. BYU NCAA Tournament drinking game

Hey BYU, y'all wanna play along?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

That's right, we're bringing back the basketball drinking game. What better time than when we're playing a bunch of Mormons, right?

This reminds me of the time we played BYU in football under Houston Nutt (if you think about it, that 14-13 loss actually helped us -- it helped get Hooty Dale fired). Specifically, it reminds me of a banner in the Grove that read "Free Beer for All BYU Fans." I saw at least two of them shotguns beers, which is indescribably fantastic.

In any event, we Ole Miss fans might need to be drunk for this game anyway. BYU is one of the best shooting teams in the country, so expecting Andy Kennedy's suddenly anemic offense to hang with them might be a tad optimistic. With that said, if the Rebs can play at the level they did during that six-game win streak, they have the potential to dominate. Honestly, though, I think most of us are just happy to be dancing in the first place, so a win is icing on the cake. Let's make sure that icing has plenty of booze in it.

(h/t to @HampHickman for help with the rules. Give him a follow, y'all.)

The rules

1. If they mention Ole Miss has lost four of its last five games, drink.

I don't really have anything funny to say here. So just take a drink and move on.

2. If they talk about BYU's Kyle Collinsworth posting an NCAA record six triple-doubles this season, drink. If he gets a double-double take a shot. And if he gets a triple-double take two shots.

He also has 14 double-doubles on the year. Dude's a beast.

3. If they show the Valpo shot during the game, finish your drink.

Because fuck that shot.

4. If they mention that Tyler Haws is BYU's all-time leading scorer, drink.

That puts him above Jimmer Fredette and Danny Ainge.

5. If Ole Miss commits a turnover, drink.

The Rebs tied a season high with 21 turnovers in the SEC Tournament loss. They were lobbing the ball out of bounds and dribbling off their feet. They looked hammered. AK probably was.

6. If Stefan Moody hits a three, drink.

There isn't much of a risk here: he hasn't hit more than two in a game in the last five outings and is shooting 18 percent from deep during that span.

7. If the announcers mention the Grove and how Mormons would be out of place there, drink a metric ton.

It probably won't happen, but WHAT IF?

8. If Snoop White fouls somebody, drink four times.

You get it, right?

9. If they mention that Andy Kennedy is the winningest coach in Ole Miss history, drink.

And yet there would have been people calling for his head if the selection committee hadn't included the Rebs. Crazy world, huh?

10. If BYU's pace of play is mentioned, drink.

How fast does this team play? This fast.

11. And of course, if they mention Marshall Henderson, drink three times.

Because Marshall only goes for three, bruh.