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Print your 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket right here

And the Rebels are on it!

The bracket for the 2015 NCAA Tournament has been officially released, which means only one thing: time to prove to all of your friends and family that they don't know shit about college basketball and that your picks are gonna totally kick their picks' ass.

And hey, you can even pick Ole Miss! Apparently nobody on the selection committee had a chance to watch the last two weeks of Rebel basketball and Andy Kennedy's team snuck in as a play-in vs. BYU for the 11-seed in the West Regional. Win that and they move on to face 6-seed Xavier. I can't in good conscious recommend you pick a team that's lost four of it's last five and looked like inebriated school children in the SEC Tourney loss against South Carolina, but what the hell, write 'em in for a win or two.

So don't waste another second! Our friends at the SB Nation mothership have hooked us up with this awesome printable bracket. Follow this link, print 'er off and get to scribbling!