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Podcast Rebellion 1.7: P-Willie retires, spring football is here and more disappointment is, too

The podcast will discuss Willis' early retirement from the NFL, another sucky week for baseball and basketball and a look at spring football

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

We're back. This time, we're going up on a Tuesday. Tune in this week for flaming hot takes such as:

Patrick Willis retires for a reason that's not an injury. Oh, and he's a Hall of Famer.

- Ole Miss spring football has started and no you can't see any of it.

Hugh Freeze is playing games with juice box straws for the quarterback race this spring.

- How much is an Eli Manning/Patrick Willis autographed poster worth? (Contact Michael for all high-dollar inquiries.)

The Basketbearz stumbled and fell flat on their face to finish the regular season. Can they rectify things in time for a run in Nashville?

- Who besides Jarvis Summers is going to have to step up for Ole Miss to feel comfortable on Selection Sunday?

- Another week has come and gone for the Diamondbearz and another subpar performance on Sunday spoils the series win.


Here is Patrick running down Darren McFadden.

- And here he is trying to cut a student-athlete in half.

**Late edit: South Carolina did in fact win the SEC baseball tournament in 2004, the SEC basketball tournament in 1997 and Dawn Staley went to UVA, not Tennessee (any women's basketball success in the conference is immediately attributed to Pat Summitt and Tennessee). This is why I do not cover women's basketball. Apologies to the listeners.**

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