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Ole Miss recruiting class 2015: The quarterbacks

The Rebels added two new dual-threat quarterbacks to the Ole Miss roster, one with immediate starting potential.

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

Dr. Bo has been tried and convicted of malpractice (too soon?), leaving the Ole Miss Rebels with a big fat question mark in the depth chart at the most important position on the field. Two years ago, Ole Miss signed DeVante Kincade and Ryan Buchanan, both of whom saw limited action on the field this season, but with just two viable options at quarterback, Hugh Freeze and company inked a pair of dual threat quarterbacks this offseason. One has legitimate potential to start this fall, and the other is a physically gifted but raw future prospect.

These new Rebel quarterbacks, from most to least $wag, are:

Chad Kelly

6'1, 210 pounds
East Mississippi Community College by way of Clemson

Surely you know enough about Chad Kelly already, right? There's no way you can't already know that he was a top-flight quarterback croot out of Buffalo, New York who committed to Clemson before getting kicked off of the Tigers squadfor conduct "detrimental to the team" (i.e., he told Dabo Swinney that Scooby Doo isn't, in fact, a real dog). You've probably read that he turned his football career around in a sense - winning a national title at East Mississippi Community College behind 3,906 yards, 47 touchdowns, and twelve wins to zero losses - before inking with Ole Miss this past December. And I have no doubt that you're aware that he writes raps about himself and is alleged to have threatened to "spray" a bar with a Kalashnikov assault rifle after a night of drinking in his home town of Buffalo, New York.

Well he's on campus now, and he has a legitimate shot of being the starting Ole Miss quarterback this fall. His junior college numbers indicate that he's got a legitimate skillset (statistically, his production was similar to what Bo Wallace did at EMCC), so whether or not he takes over what should be a pretty good passing offense rests more-or-less on him. Can he mesh well with the team? Can he learn the playbook over the next several months? Can he outpace the development of Ryan Buchanan or Devante Kincade? Can he stay out of trouble and live up to his potential? I don't know and neither do you, so please offer any sort of wild speculation you'd like.

Jason Pellerin

6'4, 210 pounds
Catholic High School, New Iberia, La.

Jason Pellerin is an interesting prospect who has the physical abilities and skill set to be a legitimate power five quarterback. While he has been primarily used as an option quarterback, he does show some skill as a passer, particularly with quick routes and fades. Still, he'll need to improve his accuracy and show that he can handle a more nuanced playbook if he's to succeed at the next level.

All that said, his highlights are pretty damn impressive:

He's big and a legitimate running threat, but his limited throwing abilities are probably why he only boasts offers from a few power five programs (most notably Nebraska, Northwestern, Cal, and Ole Miss). I can certainly see what the coaches see in Pellerin, but I also believe he's a redshirt year and a year or two of holding up goofy play cards away from being a legit SEC starter.