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National Signing Day 2015: Predicting where Ole Miss' top targets sign

Let's take a look at where we think top prospects like CeCe Jefferson, Drew Richmond and DaMarkus Lodge will end up.

Give me your poor, your sick, and your needy.... and your star-possessing.
Give me your poor, your sick, and your needy.... and your star-possessing.
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Wednesday is the day many of us have been waiting for since the Egg Bowl. Sure, bowl games are important and all (when you don't lose them by 39 points), but when the regular season is over, I think National Signing Day is more important than anything save a chance at a conference or national championship. Certainly with the coaches still working on a rebuild there's significant importance surrounding what happens Wednesday.

And what will happen? There's tremendous opportunity for excellence but also a significant chance of heartbreak (if you're of an unstable state of mind similar to mine). There's just a lot that isn't known at this time. I'm sure there are people who are better sourced than I am, some of whom run pay sites (which I would certainly encourage anyone serious about following recruiting to do). I have been able to glean a little bit of information from "sources," but take it for what it's worth.

5-star Drew Richmond

Richmond had been a firm Ole Miss commit since September, but the blue chip offensive tackle reportedly decommitted late Monday. That likely means that he's headed to Tennessee. Richmond was on campus in Knoxville last weekend and reports indicated the Vols were making up serious ground. It's theoretically possible that he could change his mind again, but that's definitely not likely. Hugh Freeze has unfollowed him on Twitter, so it would seem that the lines of communication have been severed.

4-star Leo Lewis

Lewis is one of only two high school linebackers in the entire class. Ole Miss desperately needs help at the position, and he could provide that... but he too decommitted in the last few days and could be down to LSU and Mississippi State.

I can't claim to have a read on Lewis. Obviously I've never spoken to any of these guys. His decommitment was somewhat unexpected, but at this point I can't see him picking Ole Miss. Rumors have swirled about the reasoning for his decommitment, but there's no reason to put anything here that is pure speculation.

4-star Van Jefferson

Jefferson is a great receiver talent (ranked the No. 108 player nationally) and he is likely to add a degree of precise route running that's uncommon for college receivers. His tape is very impressive, specifically regarding how well he comes in and out of cuts.

Some people have recently been worried about Jefferson after he took a last minute trip to Michigan this weekend. Judging objectively, however, I don't think it's a coincidence that just two days ago Michigan offered a scholarship to a three-star receiver who was previously committed to Northwestern. That was the final day of Jefferson's visit to Michigan. This isn't anything sourced, but I have trouble not seeing that as a plan B option for Michigan. Maybe I'm wrong.

4-star DaMarkus Lodge

Lodge could round out a fantastic two-person receiver class with Jefferson already in the fold. I can say, with some certainty, that Lodge will sign with Ole Miss. I asked one national source yesterday whether he had heard any chatter about any other schools. His response: "Nope. Everyone thinks Ole Miss."

5-star CeCe Jefferson

As late as yesterday, I was told things between Ole Miss and Jefferson were going "great." At some point though, either Florida sources or Ole Miss sources (or both) are going to be wrong about this one. Everyone believes they're in good shape with him, according to a source.

Jefferson is an elite, elite talent. He's a five-star defensive end. Ole Miss would obviously love to have him join the fray. I'm going to just guess he ends up at Florida, but that's purely conjecture.


I think the class is alright. It has a chance to be great... really great. If the stars align on Wednesday, the national media could be talking about another top ten class for Ole Miss. If it goes poorly (which it could), the narrative could shift to "Hugh Freeze had one great class." Ole Miss fans obviously should hope that's not the discussion.