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Red Cup Rebellion has a new podcast!

This may not be the best podcast, but with your help, it can be.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Followers of the Cup, being new additions and all, we figured what better way to infiltrate Ole Miss sports than by writing AND talking. Behold, the newest addition to Red Cup Rebellion, a brand freakin' new podcast with your hosts Michael Borkey and myself, Zach Berry.

This is obviously our first go-round and we hopefully will get better. In the meantime, we need to hear from you guys on what we should call this damn thing. Any suggestions will do, just comment below like always and we will select a lucky winner and give you some kind of prize (maybe, well see if it's in the budget).

This week, the podcast will dive headfirst into the Patriots' Super Bowl win, Twitter wars, the final crootin weekend, and those pesky Basketbearz.

Now remember, this is your chance as loyal members of the Cup to have your voice heard and name this podcast. This is your chance to take control of something before #TheNetwork does.