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William & Mary vs. Ole Miss baseball 2015 preview and open thread


Beginning today, the Diamond Rebs will take on the William & Mary Something or Others in a three game baseball series that kicks off Mike Bianco's fifteenth season as head coach.

Last season, Mike Bianco ripped the Omaha Monkey off his back and killed it. The Rebels finished amongst the final four teams with three All-Americans on roster. Unfortunately, none of those three (Auston Bousfield, Will Allen, and Austin Anderson) are still on the team. Ole Miss also lost a number of other contributors, namely leadoff hitter Braxton Lee, friday night starting pitcher Chris Ellis, Will Jamison, Brantley Bell, and Preston Overbey.

Ole Miss does return a strong squad though, adding, among other players, freshman Tate Blackman at the second base spot. Blackman is expected to be the next Ole Miss baseball rockstar three year starter who's picked high in the major league draft as a junior.

If you've come to this here spot on the innertubes looking for an in-depth analysis of William & Mary, YOU CAN GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. This "article" is really just some information for you all about the Rebels and an excuse to post silly gifs in the comments section on a Friday. Enjoy.

I planned to link the preview articles all of us have been doing all week, but there are just too dad-burn many of them. So here's a link to the entire storystream.

Pitching Matchups

Friday: Christian Trent LHP (9-0 last season) vs. Jason Inghram LHP

Saturday: Sam Smith RHP (5-4 last season) vs. Nick Brown RHP | Brady Bramlett RHP (5-1 in 2013) vs. Mitchell Aker RHP


Friday: 4 PM

Saturday: Doubleheader beginning at 12 PM

Batting Order

1. CF JB Woodman

2. SS Errol Robinson

3. 1 B Sikes Orvis

4. 3B Colby Bortles

5. DH Henri Lartigue

6. 2B Tate Blackman

7. C Austin Knight

8. LF Kyle Watson

9. RF Cameron Dishon