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Ole Miss baseball 2015 position preview: Outfield

The Rebel outfield brings mystery and fluidity. Hey, isn't that what makes baseball fun? Have a peek!

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

While the Rebel outfield is a bit more muddled than the projected infield, that won't stop me from being excited about the three players that hold a special place in the hearts of every student and alumni that sit in the RF and LF terrace. I'll be honest, when I "graduated" to the LF terrace, I was very nervous. However, Boz and Braxton Lee walked me through it and whaddya know, we made it to Omaha! Now I have to bring the exact same grove chair to every game and I can NEVER sit anywhere but the LF terrace. This is the magic of baseball! Here's a look at who will be that shoulder you and I get to hypothetically cry on, come win or lose.

LF: Connor "Clobberin' Time" Cloyd

Connor is one of the players that helped Ole Miss nab a top 15 recruiting class this year. He hails from Tahoma Community College in Tacoma, Washington. While he has gotten the nod for the opening weekend, two other commits from the same class are right behind him, JUCO transfer Josh Watkins and freshman Kyle Watson. There's really not too much to say about the LF position at this point. Coach Bianco will be looking for whoever has more consistent outings at the plate and athletic prowess in the outfield. Tune in to my STOCK UP : STOCK DOWN during the midweek recaps to see who's making strides (or downfalls) in locking up the starting role.

What his walkout song should be: "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" -From Annie Get Your Gun, featuring Watkins and Watson.

CF: J.B. "Whompin' Willow" Woodman

.298 average, .429 slugging %, .346 on base %

My boy! This guy was so much fun to watch last year. I feel extremely confident that he will be able to fill Boz's shoes in center field. J.B. tracked down plenty of balls in RF last year so expect to see him zigging and zagging Benny Hill style across the entire OF to snag pop ups. The hype train is real for J.B. as lots of Ole Miss talking heads are calling him to have a huge year. Granted we aren't sure where he'll be in the lineup, but if I told you that come SEC tournament play, J.B. was batting .330 with 40+ RBIs, would you be willing to place a wager on a trip to Omaha? I know I would. We here at the Cup are fired up to still have J.B. playing catch with the student section.

What his walkout song should be: "Wrecking Ball" -Miley Cyrus

RF: Cameron "Grey Poupon" Dishon

only 14 at bats last season, I won't go there

Soon to be initiated to the student section ball chuck group is Cameron Dishon (seriously Cam, don't read everything on that ball... it will scar you for life). Cameron saw limited play last year, mostly as a pinch-runner. But hey, if you're fast enough to pinch-run in the College World Series, I'd reckon you're fast enough to chase down balls in RF (Side note, anyone else remember picking grass in RF during little league? I was the MVP of that shit). With the new ball, expect to see routine fly-outs sail closer to the fence. Hopefully Dishon can whip up enough ::cough:: MUSTARD to chase them down and maybe even give us a show by climbing the wall a couple times.

What his walkout song should be: Complete SNL bit of Harry Caray talking about hot dogs... actually no, that's a bad joke. Stick with "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars because that's my jam.

Let's send William and Mary back from whence they came (it's not even worth googling)! Go to hell insert generic mascot (I'd guess some wildcat variety, again not even worth my time googling)! Be loud, be crazy, and get that #swayzeswag level TURNT UP.

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