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Podcast Rebellion 1.2: Crootin breakdown and the BASKETBEARZ ARE ON FIRE

The fellas break down the signing class haul and the Rebs five-game winning streak on the hardwood

Joshua McCoy - Ole Miss Athletics

This week, Michael and Zach give their hot, flaming takes on this year's football signing class and the Ole Miss basketball Bear squad running amok on the SEC.

Listen here as we breakdown the big-time crootin grabs of the 2015 class at each position, how we think they will impact the team next year and if they will in fact be impact freshman. We dive into analysis and perfectly-crafted opinions on the blue-chips and the sleepers in Hugh Freeze's fourth signing class at Ole Miss.

We discuss the basketball team's recent tear of five games in a row and how they have put themselves in prime position for a very good NCAA Tournament seed heading into the homestretch of regular season games. Then, we will talk about the big win on the road at Auburn and how the Rebels need to continue this hot streak of well-played roundball in order to further improve their tourney stock.

And we also have a Podcast Rebellion story-time EXCLUSIVE with Mr. Borkey on what the hell he did to get blocked by Hugh Freeze on Twitter.

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