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A recruit tried to pick a Twitter fight with Hugh Freeze

A Tennessee commit sent an obnoxious tweet to Freeze, then Robert Conyers jumped in to defend his coach.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

National Signing Day is this week, which means the recruiting crazy has hit a rolling boil and is starting to spill out over the edge. Things really got weird on Saturday night, when five-star defensive tackle prospect and Tennessee commit Kahlil McKenzie hit send on this tweet:

tweet 1

For context, Drew Richmond is a four-star offensive tackle recruit currently committed to Ole Miss. He was visiting Knoxville this weekend and there's been growing internet chatter that he could flip to the Vols. McKenzie, who's been actively recruiting Richmond on Twitter for a while now, suggested that the flip is imminent.

[An aside: there's been no kind of official word on Richmond. As far as we know, he's still an Ole Miss guy.]

Enter current Ole Miss offensive tackle Robert Conyers, who pointed to the scoreboard of the Rebels' beatdown of Tennessee in October. Freeze showed up with his support, then McKenzie took the dickishness to the next level.

tweet 2

In fairness to McKenzie, he did issue this apology:

tweet 3

Freeze and Conyers have deleted their tweets.

Buckle up folks, it's only gonna get weirder between now and Wednesday.