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Podcast Rebellion 1.51: Can Ole Miss finish top 5 in recruiting?

Now that the regular season is over and we have some time before the bowl game, Borkberry welcome in Juco All-American to breakdown the wide and wonderful world of recruiting.

How do we follow up the 50th episode of Podcast Rebellion? With an episode chockfull of recruiting information, that's how! Juco All-American joins Borkberry on this edition of the show as they break down what the Ole Miss class looks like as of now and what it could look like the first week of February.

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The hosts and their esteemed guest break down the commits and the big-time targets at the various all-star games that will transpire in the next two months. You will hear 100% accurate analysis and takes from the three hosts and you will be completely up-to-date with all your recruiting needs. You will hear the fellas touch on what they think of the current class and who they think are names to keep an eye on as the circuit comes to a close in 2016.

  • Why is Shea Patterson visiting Alabama and Ohio State?
  • Can DeKaylin Metcalf get that elusive fifth star?
  • Will Jeffery Simmons join Benito Jones in the trenches?
  • What is the deal with Nigel Knott?
  • Who are some names to watch that you don't hear much about?
  • Where does Ole Miss finish on National Signing Day?