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RCR Picks for Championship Weekend Wants Alabama to Win Big

Another SEC Championship Game winning Crimson Tide team means Ole Miss travels to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC Championship Game is of some import to Ole Miss fans today, as an Alabama victory over the Florida Gators all but guarantees the Rebels a spot in the Sugar Bowl against what will probably be a worthy Big XII foe. I guess if you're into watching that foe, watch Baylor take on Texas in a game that will either be a one-way blowout or an inexplicable Baylor loss. This is your reminder that Texas is somehow not all that good at football anymore, and that they still beat Oklahoma who is a lock for the College Football Playoff. We could say "nothing makes sense anymore," but that suggests that some things did, at some point, make any sense at all.

The Red Cup Rebellion dot com pick 'em standings heading into the conference championship week are below. Personally, I'm looking forward to our bowl pick 'em which should be very silly and a total waste of everyone's time.

  1. Juco (47-37)
  2. Jeff and Borkey (45-39)
  3. Ghost (44-40)
  4. Whiskey Wednesday (42-42)
  5. Gray (40-44)
  6. Berry (38-46)
  7. Smeargle (37-47)

Smeargle is now last place. If I can't win, at least he can lose. Here's what we're picking this week:

Smeargle is the only one of us who believes in Iowa. This is worth pointing out because there's a very well kept secret about the 2015 Iowa Hawkeyes: they're not good.

Okay, maybe they're "good" in that there are a lot of teams worse than they are, but they aren't good in a sense that could explain their undefeated record. Even the statistics can't play into their favor; according to Bill C's advanced metrics, they're the 24th best team in the country, behind Bowling Green and ahead of Mississippi State. But they've beat every team they've played, which entitles them to whatever the hell it is that they're after. I'm only really mentioning this to point out that football is really stupid and you shouldn't bet any money on it.

Happy Championship Week!