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Podcast Rebellion 1.50: Is the Ole Miss program separating itself from Mississippi State?

On the 50th episode of this awful podcast, Borkberry and Ghost of Jay Cutler discuss everything Egg Bowl, playoffs and Championship Week.

It's finally over. Ugh. Sadness. The regular season is complete and the Ole Miss Rebels finished the year an impressive 9-3 and 6-2 in the Southeastern Conference. Now we all know the Memphis loss was an ugly one and the Arkansas loss was even uglier, but year four of Hugh Freeze has been a success. Even more so, he has an opportunity in the postseason to add a 10th win. That is something that hasn't been done since some dude named Elisha was quarterback 12 years ago.

On this, the 50th episode of Podcast Rebellion, the fellas are joined by Ghost of Jay Cutler and talk all about the ass-whipping that was handed out on Dak Day in Starkville, the College Football Playoffs, the Heisman and they reluctantly mention Alabama. Borkberry and Ghost will give you your recommended dose of Ole Miss football banter and even throw in some crootin talk.

  • Just how dominant was the Egg Bowl win?
  • What does it mean moving forward for both programs?
  • Can Chad Kelly go down as the best Ole Miss quarterback of all-time?
  • How many points does Florida score on purpose Saturday?
  • Who gets your vote for the Heisman Trophy?
  • How much do you hate Bret Bielema? Please submit in gif form.

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