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Imagining Robert Nkemdiche's inevitable debut album

The Ole Miss defensive tackle loves making music for the people, so let's take a guess at the album track titles.

As a noted giver of gifts to the universe, Robert Nkemdiche spent an evening last week in the Mississippi Delta doing something other than blasting through overwhelmed Mississippi State offensive linemen or engaging in hotel room shenanigans. He played music for the world, giving us a glimpse of a Robert Nkemdiche we didn't know existed.

Here's just one of the epic quotes Rob proffered when Ben Garrett of the Ole Miss Spirit caught up with him before a show at Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero club:

Music is the connection to everybody. I love football, but football only reaches a certain amount of people. Not everybody can relate to football. Music? Everybody connects to music. Music is played anywhere you go. Music is the sound that everybody can connect to in any way. All different kinds of music, and there's so much different kind of music. Blues, reggae, rap, country. Everybody can relate through music, and you don't have to use words, especially with organic music with instruments. You can make people understand you and really feel you. It's your instrument in this world. How much do you give back? How much are you going to let the world use you in the ways it can use you? Don't section things off. Do everything you want to. Play music. Do football. Write. Rap.

While it's unfortunate Nkemdiche's college career won't end with a post-Sugar Bowl saxophone set somewhere in the French Quarter after a dominating performance and an Ole Miss win, things are most likely going to work out just fine for his financial security. But just in case they don't, he's got his music career to fall back on, right?

With that in mind, we came up with some cover art and track titles for the debut album. I'd like to stress all of these song titles come from actual phrases that Nkemdiche said in his interview with Garrett. Even the title on the album cover above comes from one of his quotes.

So let's get to the track listing.

Not the Ego Me

Robert Nkemdiche

  1. Weird Kind Of Peace
  2. Don't Have To Use Words
  3. It's Your Instrument
  4. Do Football
  5. What Makes Me Me
  6. Not The Fake Me
  7. The Me That's Selfless
  8. Positivity For The Universe
  9. Move This World Forward
  10. Anything Goes
  11. Like A Math Problem
  12. Different Equations
  13. A Certain Sum
  14. Totality
  15. You're Total With It
  16. Maximize Life
  17. How Do You Really Live It?
  18. Giving Back To The Universe
  19. Show People The Light

Probably too many tracks for one album, but we shouldn't discount the release of a double album for a debut album. Because when you have that much to give back to the universe, you don't section yourself off. Give. Create. Live it. I mean, really LIVE IT, fellow souls buzzing around this universe of infinity.