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Ole Miss vs. Memphis basketball 2015: Rebels win in the Grindhouse

Who even remembers what football is?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Before anything else, let's laughingly acknowledge the Memphis FedExForum Center's power outage just before Friday's tipoff, which delayed matters between the Rebs and Tigers about an hour past their scheduled commencement. Let's then praise Ole Miss hoops for their ninth win of the season, 85-79, in the Grindhouse of all places. Shiver.

Ole Miss jumped out to a 23-7 lead astride a suffocating shooter's friendly attack and Stefan Moody's 13 magisterial points, which sprung from the loner one guard spot, yes, but guy's dribble is getting crisper and his patience more comfortable. The balancing act of isolating Moody and ball movement about the court may be close to striking equilibrium, especially if Tomasz Gielo can keep slamming hilarious threes from the bark.

Anyway, Moody owned all Rebel scoring with 21 points on the night, and hell the Basketbears overwhelmed Memphis on both ends of the floor.

Stefan Moody is meshing with the point man role.

Moody looks like a ball handler now. Last year, he rarely steered ship up the court, electing instead to blast from long range off the pass. Teams know that he'll trigger from the driveway. Against Memphis, though, Stefan's role as court marshal seemed to run smoothly enough, especially from called plays that drew him off the point. If AK and Moody can continue to ignite offensive sets just so, Stefan's off-the-ball generalship may actually work in the long run.

Other shooters need to connect.

Which they did Friday, and the deflected attention from Moody glared. Sebastian Saiz and Rasheed Brooks both handed in 11 points to complement Moody's 21, and Anthony Perez somehow drained enough baskets to tally nine points on the night. Martavious Newby, the blasted bulldog, led all Rebel rebounders with 12 boards, which earns him a medium filet at Taylor Grocery.

The fast break needs to clean up on both ends.

The Rebs' pass-then-shoot runner play is wonky, as is their defense of such plays. Last year's trap zones worked well on the whole, which is cool, guys, but AK's heavy dependence on man defense may not be the way forward. Blast opponents with the high trap and see what happens down the floor.