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Podcast Rebellion 1.52: Should Robert Nkemdiche play in the Sugar Bowl?

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Borkberry discuss just what exactly it was that the Nkraken was doing on that fateful night in Atlanta, the Tuesday night hoops win, crootin and more crootin.

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There wasn't a football game this weekend but boy oh boy did Robert Nkemdiche give us some ammunition for this week's episode of Podcast Rebellion. Also, the Basketbearz improved to 8-2 after defeating a decent Louisiana Tech team and we got some crootin news to share.

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  • Would you let Robert Nkemdiche play in the Sugar Bowl?
  • How far do you think you could fall and survive?
  • Who will eventually emerge as the third scorer for Kennedy's squad?
  • Can Stefan Moody keep this pace up?
  • If so, will it be enough to guide the Rebels to the NCAA Tournament again?
  • What are your initial thoughts on the Rebs' newest commit, Myles Hartsfield?