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Recognizing Mississippi State's one true hero during the 2015 Egg Bowl

Though the actual Bulldogs team fell flat in the Egg Bowl, one brave, bird-flipping Grinder did his part.

It's been nearly two weeks since Ole Miss' destruction of Mississippi State and we should be ashamed. It's not because Ole Miss failed to hang 50 points on the largest video board in Mississippi. No, friends, we should be overwhelmed with the shame of not recognizing the bravery of one man on the losing side.

I'm not talking about a player or coach whose under-the-radar contribution kept Ole Miss from hitting half a hundred. The hero of which I speak is just a fan, who, like so many others in Davis Wade Stadium, wore his maroon and cheered like hell for his Bulldogs. Of that multitude, however, only this fan summoned the courage to charge the gates of hell (known to him as the Ole Miss section of the crowd) and let those elitists know what he thought of their insurmountable 28-3 second-quarter lead:

Instead of prepping for future interviews, this man bravely refused to give up the good fight. And to properly pay respect to his bravery, arrest, and fine/community service, we need to take a more in-depth look at everything going on in this image.

First, the most important stuff, which includes those blazing double birds:


*Except when their offensive line cannot block anyone or anything that's placed in front of them, which is how the Egg Bowl trophy actually got credited with half a sack.

Because there's so much going on here, and since I refused to use a smaller font size, we had to extend our focus to a second image.

While all of these things are fine takeaways, perhaps the greatest reward from this image is that it serves as a photographic interpretation of each of the pure FIRE #madonline tweets that have been gifted to the public on a daily basis since Ole Miss' win. Little did he know when he dashed across the award-winning Scott Field turf, our friend here was merely serving as a preview of NEVER GOT TO ATLANTA WITH ALL THOSE PAID PLAYER$$$$$.

But enough about the interpretive dash, what about the fan reaction to the show he put on? How did the people who saw his actions as clear as you read this now react?

Pretty good reviews! I know I can't wait for the second feature of the franchise.

Until then, Godspeed to the only hero that night in Starkville. May your record not be tarnished and your court fines and community service be light.