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Jake Coker whined about wanting a rematch with Ole Miss, C.J. Johnson shut him the f--- down

"Somebody get this man a playstation or something. Bc he was throwing video game picks and wants a redo." Get eeeeeeem.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama quarterback Jake Coker -- the guy who threw two picks against Ole Miss in the fourth-ranked Tide's only loss this season -- was quoted thusly by CBS Sports on Friday:

"[Ole Miss] wouldn't want to play us again," Coker said. "I think everybody here wishes that [a rematch] could happen ... They're a good team, but we shouldn't have played the way we played."

As you can imagine, that didn't sit well with Rebel linebacker C.J. Johnson, who jumped on the twitters to call Coker out for his bullshit comment.

cj johson jake coker

Is Bama a better team than Ole Miss? Yes. Did Bama play a sloppy, turnover-filled game against Ole Miss? Yes. Do the SEC West standings give a solitary flying fuck? Absolutely not.

Coker's gab is an accurate representation of the entire Bama fanbase's complete inability to accept that Sept. 20 loss in Tuscaloosa. Yea, the Rebs had some bounces go their way (or did they?). Chad Kelly also piled up 296 total yards and three touchdowns excluding the Tip Six and, believe it or not, those fumbles and interceptions didn't cause themselves.

And hey Jake, maybe you should check with your buddy Cooper Bateman before you go signing him up for a rematch.

(You're gonna want to un-mute this.)