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Podcast Rebellion 1.46: Playing for that bye week vacay

Well, bad news, no Arkansas guest this week. Good news, Borkberry is joined by none other than Mr. Gray Hardison. And boy are the takes steaming hot!

Man, does that Memphis loss feel like it was a long time ago or what? Ok, maybe not yet, but the Ole Miss Rebels look to have turned some sort of corner on defense and are playing like they were expecting to. With the return of Antonio Conner this week from a knee injury against Alabama, the Landsharks will finally be at full strength.

Add to that the offensive line is back at full strength with Laremy Tunsil back for his third game and the run game is all of a sudden a factor with Jaylen Walton slicing and dicing on the outside and Akeem Judd banging in the inside. Now, if Chad Kelly and the fellas from WRU can exploit one of the worst pass defenses in the country, this game could be a boat race early.

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  • How many yards will Chad Kelly throw for?
  • Can Laquon Treadwell make it a fifth straight 100-yard game?
  • Is Akeem Judd the thunder to Jaylen Walton's lightning?
  • Can Tony Conner shut down Arkansas' tight ends?
  • Will Bret Bielema fall down while walking to the stadium?
  • What is YOUR score prediction?