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College Football Playoff rankings 2015: Ole Miss is No. 18 in the season's first Top 25

Eh, we'll take it.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

For the second year in a row, Ole Miss finds itself in the season's opening College Football Playoff Top 25. After smoking Texas A&M by 20 and outlasting Auburn, the Rebs open at No. 18 in 2015.

This time last year, Ole Miss opened at No. 4 despite coming off its first loss of the season against LSU in Baton Rouge. The going hasn't been as smooth in 2015, with an ugly, four-touchdown beatdown in Gainesville followed two weeks later by a double-digit loss to Memphis. But the Rebs revitalized their image with the suffocating 23-3 win over the ranked Aggies two weeks ago. Toss in that big win over Bama and Ole Miss has two of the better wins in the country. And point differential aside, you could also make an argument that they have two of the best losses in the country: Florida, who looks destined to win the SEC East, opens the College Football Playoffs at No. 10 and Memphis, who might be the best non-Power Five team around, comes in at No. 13.

But Ole Miss' margin for error is nonexistent. A loss in any of its final three conference games drops it out of the SEC West race and the Playoff. If the Rebs can win out, however, they're on the way to Atlanta and, if given some help, could end up sneaking back into the final four.

Here are the full rankings. A quick reminder that these basically don't mean a damn thing but they're going to make a lot of people #madonline.