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Ole Miss bowl projections: Rebels look bound for the Sugar Bowl

Assuming Bama takes care of Florida in the SEC Championship, Ole Miss fans could be partying in New Orleans on New Years Day.

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The 2015 campaign will always be the Season That Could Have Been for Ole Miss. If that damn 4th and 25 bounces any other way, the Rebs' Egg Bowl win on Saturday night would have locked up an SEC West title and a long-awaited trip to Atlanta. But a trip to New Orleans and the Sugar Bowl ain't too bad of a consolation prize.

If Florida loses to Alabama next Saturday in the SEC Championship, Ole Miss almost assuredly ends up in the Crescent City on New Years Day. The Sugar Bowl takes the top SEC team, but in the event that the top team is selected for the Playoff (which would be the case if No. 2 Bama beats the Gators), the Sugar then pulls the next highest SEC team in the CFP rankings.

That would currently be No. 12 Florida. But that ranking will be taking a tumble after the Gators' ugly 27-2 loss to No. 13 Florida State on Saturday night, and it will keep tumbling if they suffer a second straight loss to Bama in Atlanta. Ole Miss, which came into the Egg Bowl at No. 18, will be moving up at least one spot in this week's rankings (No. 15 Navy was the only team within reaching distance that lost this weekend) and could keep climbing depending on who loses in next week's conference championship games.

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But isn't Florida ahead of Ole Miss in the SEC standings?

Yes, but that has nothing to do with the Sugar Bowl. The bowl selection is based on the CFP rankings, not the SEC standings. If the the Rebs are ahead of the Gators in the final rankings, they're going to New Orleans.

Who would Ole Miss play in the Sugar Bowl?

The second place team in Big 12 since No. 3 Oklahoma has already locked itself into the Playoff. Assuming Baylor beats Texas next week, they will be in a three-way tie with TCU and Oklahoma State. Unlike with the SEC, the Big 12's team will be chosen by conference tiebreakers instead of CFP rank. You can read a great breakdown of the tiebreaker over at SB Nation's Baylor blog, but here's the quick version: if Baylor beats Texas, they go to the Sugar. If they lose, it's OK State.

When and where is the Sugar Bowl?

January 1st at 7:30 p.m. CT in New Orleans.