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The official 2015 Egg Bowl drinking game

Because you're not gonna make it through three and a half hours of cowbells sober.

This isn't one of those drinkin games that has cutesy, funny rules that probably won't happen. This is a drinkin game to get you drunk. With that in mind, our lawyas want you to know that if you get shit housed and throw a brick through your State fan neighbor's window, it's not our fault. It's hilarious, but it's not our fault.

So here's how this works:

The rules

These rules are in effect from the pregame show through the final whistle, including halftime.

  1. If Auburn just won the Iron Bowl, start off with a shotOle Miss is playing for a trip to Atlanta and you're gonna want to calm those nerves.
  2. Every time there's a passing play of 20 yards or more, drink.
  3. Every time they show someone wearing camo in the stands, drink.
  4. Every time they show someone double fisting cowbells, drink twice.
  5. Every time they show a sign with a misspelling, a hashtag, a dollar sign, TSUN or the number 15, drink.
  6. Every time Dan Mullen or Les Miles coaching rumors are mentioned, drink three times.
  7. If they show the replay of Dak getting flipped by Trae Elston, take a shot.
  8. Every time they show highlights of any previous Egg Bowl, drink three times.
  9. Every time Dak's last home game or legacy is mentioned, drink.
  10. Every time someone throws up the landshark or the train whistle motion, drink. If the other team throws it up mockingly, drink three times.
  11. If they show a graphic of the driving distance between Oxford and Starkville, finish your drink.
  12. Every time an announcer confuses the two teams, drink three times.
  13. If either team runs a trick play, drink. If it's the Laquon pass, take a shot and cry.