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RCR Picks for Rivalry Week Think Auburn's Got a Chance

Picking rivalry games is like betting on a coin toss, so leave it to the experts (not us).

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It's rivalry week. Throw the record out the window, because it's all on the line. Teams are out there playing for pride and bragging rights. You never know what can happen when the emotions are running high. Seniors are going to go out on a high note. Fans have been looking forward to these games all year. Unpredictable games. Rivals. Football. Emotions. Fun.

So you don't need a sportswriter's cliche to know that this week is one of the most exciting and maddening week of the year for college football fans. Rivalry games are notoriously wacky and unpredictable, just as they are unequivocally anticipated. Even without postseason implications, games like the Apple Cup, the Civil War, and (most of the time) the Egg Bowl can make or break a football season for so many fans. Understanding this, we are going to pick against the spread for some of this week's seven most interesting games. To wit, we know that this is a futile effort if actual reasoned, accurate predictions are what you're after.

The season-long standings for this exercise are as follows:

  1. Juco: (44-33)
  2. Borkey: (42-35)
  3. Jeff: (41-36)
  4. Ghost: (40-37)
  5. Whiskey Wednesday: (39-38)
  6. Gray: (38-39)
  7. Smeargle: (36-41)
  8. Berry: (35-42)

Our average record on the year is 39-38 with a standard deviation of three whole games, meaning that Berry and Juco have pretty much guaranteed last and first place, respectively. Our picks against the spread (per OddsShark) for a choice selection of this week's games are:

With the lines being as close as they are this week, and with these contests being some of the most difficult to predict every season, we're confident in saying that what you see above is just one big ol shrug emoji. We suggest you take in rivalry week with no concrete expectations at all, because getting yourself excited for an Auburn-beats-Alabama-thus-setting-up-Ole-Miss-for-another-chance-to-blow-it type of situation will really ruin the tail end of your Thanksgiving holiday.