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Podcast Rebellion: The one and only Stingray joins a special Egg Bowl edition

To get you ready for Ole Miss' trip to Starkville, Borkberry provide their #analysis and make predictions with Steven "Stingray" Ray from the Paul Finebaum Show.

Welp, once Auburn beats Alabama in the Iron Bowl and we're Atlanta bound the only thing to play for for the Ole Miss Rebels is breaking the road losing streak in the Egg Bowl. That and nine wins and a chance to play in Florida or heck, possibly the Sugar Bowl. But, in order to get there, Ole Miss will have to conquer the raucous environment that will await them at Davis-Wade Stadium and its artificial noisemakers.

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To help us break down what's going to be a fascinating matchup, we called up the one and only Steven "Stingray" Ray, the internet sensation who you probably know from The Paul Finebaum Show. For as goofy as his videos, this dude knows his football. Here are a few of the topics we hit on:

  • Will Chad Kelly light up the State secondary like everyone else has?
  • Can Laquon Treadwell be stopped?
  • Who will be the one to step up to hit Dak Prescott in the mouth?
  • Does the Landshark D show up or will it be exposed through the air again?
  • What will it take for Hugh Freeze to upstage Dan Mullen?
  • Which Ole Miss defensive back will slow down De'Runnya Wilson in the red zone?
EDITOR'S NOTE: Steven Ray was gracious enough to provide us and you with great insight in breaking down the game and does not deserve your shit for being an opposing team's fan. Be nice in the comments or we will banish you to The Junction.