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EXCLUSIVE renderings of Mississippi State's 2015 Egg Bowl uniforms

State always breaks out something special for the Ole Miss game. We used our connections at Adidas to get a sneak peak at what they might wear on Saturday.

Whether they're celebrating games played in the snow in Shreveport or literally writing "F--- The School Up North" on their baseball digs, Mississippi State is no stranger to wearing new uniforms for special occasions. They've yet to commemorate their thrashing of Rice in the Liberty Bowl, but they have started a tradition of sporting new uniforms specifically created for the Egg Bowl, as you might recall (like this and this).

This year's uniform has yet to be revealed, leaving us all perched on the ledge of Twitter waiting for the unveiling of gold, state outlines, and hybrid Zubaz. Fortunately for you, we at Red Cup Rebellion dot com have dredged our backchannel sources at Adidas and managed to acquire super top secret renderings of the uniforms the folks in Starkville are considering for Saturday's game. We're not sure which of these they'll go with, but they'll definitely* be wearing one of these.


Here they are:

"Fly The Flag"

When you make a commitment to flying the state flag of Mississippi despite the majority of universities in the state choosing to remove the flag from their campuses, the kind of courage it takes to stand firm in the face of the dreaded LIBERAL AGENDA must be recognized.

"Grindin' For My State"

Stars don't win games*, hard work does. What better way to emphasize that than with a tribute to all of the grinders out there. Stay grindin' 24/7/365, y'all.

*Unless basketball is being played

"Championships That Happen Here, Stay Here"

The lights are brighter and the entertainment is hotter when the Bulldogs play the Egg Bowl in Stark Vegas. For on this night, Stark Vegas is the travel destination of an entire state. That calls for a uniform that represents a team and fans expecting to celebrate Stark Vegas-style.

"Serve Your Kang"

Gold is the only currency sufficient enough when it comes to honoring the man who hated "Mississippi" more than just about anything, including any bull that hadn't been castrated. And you don't go 7-6 against your in-state rival without spreading the gold around to those who can help.

"It's Stingray, Brother!"

Getting hyped for a game just doesn't happen. Something in your soul must first stir.

For Stingray, it doesn't stir. It brews.

His kind of fire needs to be represented in a uniform that gives us a taste of his delicious blend of hype, passion, and YOU AIN'T GOT A CHANCE, BROTHER.

(Original images found here)