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College Football Playoff Rankings 2015: Ole Miss climbs to No. 18 after LSU win

And State moves up to No. 21, setting up a ranked Egg Bowl.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Well if you're one for superstitions, you're feeling pretty good about Ole Miss' new Playoff ranking heading into the Egg Bowl this weekend. After destroying LSU by three touchdowns at home last Saturday, the Rebs pull into the Week 13 rankings at trusty ole 18. Mississippi State, who squeaked out a 51-50 shootout win over Arkansas, moves back into the rankings at No. 21.

We've got a top 25 matchup in Starkville, y'all.

Here's the other notable ranking for the two Mississippi schools: Florida, after damn near blowing a game to two-win Florida Atlantic over the weekend, drops four spots to No. 12. That puts them within striking distance for Ole Miss and State, both of whom are hoping to overtake them for a spot in the Sugar Bowl. With a regular-season finale against Florida State and a reservation for a Bama beatdown in Atlanta, Florida could very well go 0-2 to close the season.

Up at the top, Ohio State tumbles to out of the top four after losing to Michigan State, while undefeated Iowa and one-loss Oklahoma vault Notre Dame.

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