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Ole Miss basketball finds its stroke in win over Towson

Stefan Moody put up a career-high 30 points in a 76-60 win in the Rebs' second game of the Charleston Classic.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

On an undersized team that lives and dies with its guard play, Rebel hoops is inevitably going to be up and down this season. Sometimes they can't hit a damn thing, like they did in an embarrassing loss to George Mason on Thursday. Other times they'll come out lighting the fucking world on fire, like they did in a 76-60 win over Towson on Friday. The fellas shot an absurd 74.1 percent from the field, Stefan Moody and Rasheed Brooks combined to go 8-of-14 from three and Ole Miss avoided an 0-2 start in the Charleston Classic.

The tournament cedes to football on Saturday before picking back up on Sunday, when the Rebs take on the winner of Seton Hall vs. Bradley (who play each other on Friday night).

Moody put up a career-high 30 points, passing his previous mark of 29. He splashed five three-balls and finished 10-of-19 from the field. In case you haven't been keeping up, he's now put up 29, 22, 18 and 30 points through four games. There are a lot of talented guards in the SEC this season, but Moody is making a strong case as the best pure scorer in the SEC.

Well hey there, Marcanvis Hymon

Moody wasn't the only wanting posting career highs. Hymon, a sophomore who totaled all of 7 points last season, balled out with 20 against Towson. He went 10-of-11 from the field and added nine rebounds and three blocks. He still figures to be more a defensive presence this season, but the Rebs need all the offensive help they can get in the paint, so it's nice to see him flashing some ability.

Can we talk about the power forwards?

I hate to bring down the mood in a winning recap, but the stretch-fours -- Anthony Perez and graduate transfer Tomasz Gielo -- have been pretty much nonexistent through four games. Perez, who took just two shots during 30 minutes on the floor against Towson, is now averaging 4 points a game and has hit just one three all season. After putting up 15 points in the exhibition game, Gielo has yet to go over 4 points in a game that counts.